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Make your travels a little bit easier with these handy travel apps.

All links are for the Apple App Store, but are available for Android too.


Skyscanner is my number one choice for flight searches. It brings together hundreds of international airline providers to find the cheapest/fastest flights to get you to your destination. One of my favourite features of Skyscanner is the ‘explore’ function. It allows you to search flights to ‘everywhere’, finding the lowest prices from your nearest airport. It’s perfect for when you’re searching for a last minute getaway and are flexible with location and dates.

If you don’t already have Skyscanner installed, you need to!

Download here.


Tripadvisor is of the most trusted travel sites and I never book a hotel without checking it’s rating on the app first. Customer reviews speak the truth and help you make sure you’re not getting a dodgey deal! Look beyond the styled management photos for a true visitors insight into your accomodation.

Download here.


detour travel app

Detour provides immersive audio walks for cities all over the world. It’s like a personal tour guide in your ear! So, if you don’t fancy a traditional walking tour with a group of strangers, download Detour and see the city your way, with the best hints and tips to make the most of your trip. The audio tours are narrated by locals, meaning you learn about the city beyond the usual tourist spots! You do have to purchase the audio tours, but there are some free options on the app too.

Download here.

Google Maps

A staple app for any traveller! My favourite feature of Google Maps is the offline map function. You may not always have data or an internet connection abroad, but you can download maps whilst you do, making sure you don’t get lost! For someone with a serious lack of sense of direction, this one is super handy for me!

Download here.

Currency Converter

currency convertor travel app

Stuck trying to figure out if you’re getting a good deal or just being completely ripped off? Download this handy currency converter to make shopping a little bit easier abroad. It provides up to date exchange rates and means you don’t need to do the maths in your head!

Download here.


 uber travel app

Uber can be great in some places, but it’s really a hit or miss depending on where you are. Sometimes it may be just as costly as a Taxi, however on my recent trip to Prague¬†we found Uber’s were much cheaper to get around. Uber is only available in certain countries, but it could save you some dolla!

Download here.


accuweather travel app

As the name states, this weather app is pretty accurate. I’ve always found it more reliable than the standard iPhone weather app and other sources. It will help you plan your days and outfit choices up to an impressive 90 days in advance!

Download here.


Your Airline’s app

Most airlines now accept mobile boarding passes, and some even require you to download the app to get it. Airlines will provide live updates and news of any delays or cancellations through their apps, so it’s a good idea to download your airlines app before you head to the airport.

Here are the links to major airlines apps:

British Airways
Jet 2



aurora travel app

The Aurora app is pretty country specific, mainly for Northern countries including Iceland, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Highlands of Scotland. It forecasts where the stunning Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) will be most visible and shows your chances of seeing them. It will never be 100% accurate as there are many factors influencing the visibility of the lights, however it will help you plan your trip if you plan on hunting for the famous natural wonder.

Download here.


hostelworld travel app

If you’re travelling multiple countries and your travel plans are flexible, the Hostelworld app comes in very handy for finding last minute accommodation in hundreds of cities across the world. It will help you find the perfect place to stay and meet new people along your adventure! The search function is really flexible and lets you refine down to your exact needs, whether you’re looking for a private room or a dormitory. Hostelworld have also recently introduced a new feature for ‘Divas’ (as they put it!). Advertised with the best known diva around, Mariah Carey, it allows you to search and find premium hostel accommodation, that makes even ‘divas belivers’, if you really want to step up your stay. I’ll admit, I am probably someone who would find this function useful…

Download here.

Google Translate

Google Translate

Avoid awkward communication barriers with the handy Google Translate app. It allows you to record audio in any language, and translates into your own language. We used this app in Vietnam and it came in particularly handy in taxis! You don’t even need an internet connection for the app to work, just download language sets before you go and you’re ready to chat with the world!

Download here.

Do you have any must-have travel apps? Share in the comments below!

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