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Long time no post… I’ve been busy recently and planning some exciting trips for the remainder of 2018 and 2019!

Planning for travel can be exciting, but it can also be tiring with so many options out there and so many places blatantly ripping you off. It can be hard to decide where is best to look to get the best for your budget.

Here are a few of my favourite travel planning tools I often use, whether it’s just a short weekend away or a long haul journey across the world!


An obvious one, but it has some great tools that aren’t so frequently used. If you’re looking for a cheap getaway and aren’t too bothered about location or dates, you can use the ‘everywhere’ destination finder, and the ‘whole month’ date picker to find the perfect place and dates for your budget. I love this feature as it often suggests places I’ve never thought of visiting before!

Travel planning tools - the blonde and beyond travel blog

Emirates Advanced Search

Did you know that Emirates offer free stopovers in Dubai (& possibly other locations) whilst traveling? Breaking up a 25+ hour journey with a short break in Dubai can help you make the most of your journey, and make that dreaded trip suddenly seem a little more appealing! To access this feature, use the advanced search function online. It lets you add multiple cities to your itinerary whilst selecting dates and the no-charge stopover will then be applied when you start picking your flight times. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this feature next time I’m flying to the East!


Pinterest is full of inspiration for just about anything you need ideas for, but it’s especially good for discovering new destinations and planning out your next dream trip. You’ll find everything from restaurant guides to locals tips and of course hours worth of scrolling through dreamy photos of paradise… Happy Pinning! Check out my Pinterest boards for some of my favourite destinations, and give me a follow whilst you’re there too 😉

Travel planning tools - the blonde and beyond travel blog

Lucky Trip

I’ve recently discovered Lucky Trip and it’s an app I wish I had come across sooner! It’s fab for those who have a budget in mind that they want to stick to, but are fluid with location. Download the app, refine your dates and number of people and tap to go! Lucky Trip will then provide you with flight, accommodation and activity options that suit your needs, all in a really simple and easy to navigate format. You’re then directed to the separate providers to book.

I booked my most recent trip through the app and it was a really great deal I managed to find. I can’t say too much about it because it’s a surprise trip (all will be revealed soon), but it was definitely lucky! If you’re really flexible you can also search for all dates to hone in on the very best deals available!

Google Trips

Google isn’t just the world’s number 1 search engine, it is also the creator of over 250 Google products & services, and the Google Trips app is one of these handy inventions. Perfect for multi-city trips, the app lets you organise your itineraries in the easy to use app, whilst allowing you to store travel details including flight and hotel, internal travel, car rental, and restaurant reservation information. It’s a good place to keep everything if you have a long trip ahead of you and want to keep info in one place rather than searching through emails. It also adds information automatically from your gmail account, so everything is there when you need it! Not only is it the ideal travel document and information organiser, but it also provides recommendations on where to eat/drink and what to do in your city.

Hopefully, these travel planning tools will help make organising trips a little bit easier! Do you have any tools you find helpful when planning trips?

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travel planning tools - the blonde and beyond travel blog

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